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All Weight Lifting Exercises:

Leg Exercises:
Barbell Calf Raise Hack Squat Romanian Dead Lift
Butt Blaster Inner Hip Adduction Seated Calf Raise
Donkey Calf Raise Outer Hip Adduction Seated Leg Curl
Dumbell Calf Raise Leg Extentions Side Lunge
Dumbell Lunge Leg Press Squat
Dumbell Romanian Dead Lift Leg Press Calf Raise Standing Calf Raise
Dumbell Squat Lunge Standing Leg Curl
Front Squat Lying Leg Curl

Step Ups

Goose Step Reverse Leg Curl  

All Back Exercises:

Chin Up

Low Row Cable

Pull Down Under

Close-Grip Pull Up

Low Row Machine A

Pull Up

Dead Lift

Low Row Machine B

Pull Up Machine

Dumbell Row

Pull Down Back

Regular Grip Barbell Row

Good Mornings

Pull Down Close-Grip

Reverse Grip Barbell Row

Hammer Pull Up

Pull Down Front

T-Bar Machine Row

Low Back Extentions

Pull Down Machine A


Low Back Machine

Pull Down Machine B

Ab Exercises:
Bicycle Machine Crunch Swiss Ball Knee Rotations
Cable Kneeling Crunch Machine Obliques Swiss Ball Leg Raise
Cable Kneeling Obliques Plank Exercise Swiss Ball Oblique Crunch
Cable Leg Raise Pull Up Bar Leg Raise Swiss Ball Reverse Leg Curl
Crunch Pull Up Bar Oblique Raise Swiss Ball Side Crunch
Full Vertical Crunch Sissors Exercise Swiss Ball Toe Rotations
Decline Bench Abs Swiss Ball Ab Rocker Vertical Leg Crunch
Knee Figure Eight Swiss Ball Cable Crunch
Long Arm Crunch Swiss Ball Crunch

Chest Exercises:
Bench Press Dumbell Incline Fly Pullover
Cable Decline Fly Dumbell Incline Press Push Up
Cable Fly Dumbell Press Smith Machine Decline Press
Cable Incline Fly Incline Bench Press Smith Machine Incline Press
Decline Bench Press Incline Push Up Smith Machine Press
Decline Push Up Machine Chest Press Swiss Ball Dumbell Incline Press
Dip Wide Grip Machine Fly Swiss Ball Dumbell Press
Dumbell Decline Press Machine Incline Chest Press

Swiss Ball Fly

Dumbell Decline Fly Machine Incline Fly Swiss Ball Incline Press
Dumbell Fly

Triceps Exercises:

Cable Overhead Triceps Extention Dumbell Lying Triceps Extention Rope Triceps Extention
Cable Reverse Triceps Extention Dumbell Overhead Triceps Extention Seated Triceps Extention
Cable Triceps Extention Dumbell Seated Triceps Extention Skull Crushers
Close-Grip Bench Press Dumbell Standing Triceps Extention Standing Triceps Extention
Dumbell Kickbacks Machine Dip Triceps Dip

Biceps Exercises:

barbell curl dumbell biceps curl machine preacher curl
biceps incline curl dumbell preacher curl preacher curl
cable biceps curl dumbell reverse curl reverse grip biceps
cable preacher curl dumbell reverse preacher curl reverse grip cable curl
cable side biceps curl hammer curl reverse preacher curl
concentration curl machine biceps curl

Shoulder Exercises:

Back Shoulder Raise

Dumbell Front Raise

Machine Front Shoulder Press

Cable Back Shoulder Raise

Dumbell Shoulder Press

Machine Lateral Raise

Cable Front Shoulder Raise

Lateral Raise

Military Press

Cable Lateral Raise

Machine Back Shoulder Press

Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press

Cable Shoulder Press

Machine Back Shoulder Raise

Seated Lateral Raise

Trapezius Muscle Exercises:
Cable Shrugs Dumbell Upright Row Y - extentions
Cable Upright Row Shrugs  
Dumbell Shrugs Upright Row

Forearm Exercises:
barbell reverse wrist curl hammer wrist curl rope wrist curl
barbell wrist curl reverse wrist curl wrist curl

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