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Maintenance Plan

If you're ready to implement the maintenance plan, or you like your weight and want tips on how you can eat more without gaining weight, or tips on how to keep the weight off, then you've reached your weight loss goal. Personally, I hope you went "all the way" such that you do NOT start a maintenance plan until you're at one of these states of leanness:

Elite: 6-11% body fat if you're a man, 12-16% body fat if you're a woman (carb depleted). If this is the case, you could appear on the front cover of a fitness magazine immediately or with two weeks preparation.

Excellent: 12-14% body fat if you're a man, 17-20% body fat if you're a woman (carb depleted). Women reaching this state of leanness could also appear on a magazine cover with two weeks preparation, while men could not until they reach the elite level.

Very Good: 15-17% body fat if you're a man, 21-24% body fat if you're a woman (carb depleted).

If you're in one of the above states of leanness then you look awesome, and everyone notices. Please don't progress to this maintenance plan unless you've at least progressed to a level of 17 percent if you're a man, and 24 percent if you're a woman.

So if you're reading this, then you've lost all the weight that you want to lose, and don't want or need to get to a higher level of leanness.

What Happened To You On Previous Diets

You may have been this light before after finishing a previous diet, but it is highly unlikely that you have ever been as muscle toned, as after using the diet.

The reason why you gained the weight back after your last diet is because the previous time you dieted you lost about 2/3 fat and 1/3 muscle. So if you lost 20 pounds last time, about 6.66 pounds of it was muscle (1/3 of it), corresponding to a 88.88 calorie drop in your metabolism. So you would have been forced to forever eat 88.88 calories less each day than you were previously used to. 88.88 calories is a lot for a person. What happened when you were done dieting is that you went back to eating the same amount as before, gaining 88.88 calories of fat each day. So you gained a pound of fat about every 3500/88.88 = 39.38 days (unless you were lifting weights, in which case you would have gained 1/2 to 2/3 of the amount as muscle). Gaining a pound every 39.38 days, you would have gained your 20 pounds back in 787.58 days, or 2.16 years. Sound familiar? Even if you were lucky enough for half of your weight gain to be muscle, which could only occur if you were lifting weights, then you would still have a 44.44 calorie/day lower metabolism, and would have 10 more pounds of fat on you than when you started the diet. Either way, you were worse off than when you started.

That didn't happen this time, thanks to The Diet. This time, you kept all your muscle, and are not going to be forced to either eat less for the rest of your life or gain fat back. You're going to find that it is so much easier to maintain your weight this time. This time you'll be able to keep the fat off, because you'll be able to eat the same amount that you were used to eating before you were dieting (88.88 calories more each day than if you used another diet and had lost 20 "pounds"). The fat that you lost doesn't have an effect on your metabolism.

Even though you'll be able to eat more now than the last time you were done dieting, you have to remain vigilant about maintaining your weight.

Maintenance Law #1: Recalculate your fat free body mass to find basal metabolic rate

After completion of the diet phase, your metabolism should be the same amount it was before you started dieting. Before starting the maintenance phase please take a moment to once again determine your body fat percentage and fat free body mass (FFBM) as per Law 1 and choose the amount below at the bottom of this page:

If FFBM is less than or equal to 75 pounds, then FFBM = 75 pounds

If FFBM is greater than 75 pounds, but is less than or equal to 78.75 pounds, then FFBM = 78.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than  78.75 pounds but is less than or equal to 82.5 pounds, then FFBM = 82.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than  82.5 pounds but is less than or equal to 86.25 pounds, then FFBM = 86.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than  86.25 pounds but is less than or equal to 90 pounds, then FFBM = 90 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than  90 pounds but is less than or equal to 93.75 pounds, then FFBM = 93.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 93.75 pounds but is less than or equal to 97.5 pounds, then FFBM = 97.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 97.5 pounds but is less than or equal to 101.25 pounds, then FFBM = 101.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than101.25 pounds but is less than or equal to 105 pounds, then FFBM = 105 pounds. 

If FFBM is greater than105 pounds but is less than or equal to 108.75 pounds, then FFBM = 108.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 108.75 pounds  but is less than or equal to 112.5 pounds, then FFBM = 112.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 112.5 but is less than or equal to 116.25 pounds, then FFBM = 116.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 116.25 but is less than or equal to 120 pounds, then FFBM = 120 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 120 but is less than or equal to  123.75 pounds, then FFBM = 123.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 123.75 but is less than or equal to 127.5 pounds, then FFBM = 127.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 127.5 but is less than or equal to 131.25 pounds, then FFBM = 131.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 131.25 but is less than or equal to 135 pounds, then FFBM = 135 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 135 but is less than or equal to 138.75 pounds, then FFBM = 138.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 138.75 but is less than or equal to 142.5 pounds, then FFBM = 142.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 142.5 but is less than or equal to 146.25 pounds, then FFBM = 146.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 146.25 but is less than or equal to 150 pounds, then FFBM = 150 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 150 but is less than or equal to 153.75 pounds, then FFBM = 153.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 153.75 but is less than or equal to 157.5 pounds, then FFBM = 157.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 157.5 but is less than or equal to 161.25 then FFBM = 161.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 161.25 but is less than or equal to 165 pounds, then FFBM = 165 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 165 but is less than or equal to 168.75 pounds, then FFBM = 168.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 168.75 but is less than or equal to 172.5 pounds, then FFBM = 172.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 172.5 but is less than or equal to 176.25 pounds, then FFBM = 176.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 176.25  but is less than or equal to 180 pounds, then FFBM = 180 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 180 but is less than or equal to 183.75 pounds, then FFBM = 183.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 183.75 but is less than or equal to 187.5 pounds, then FFBM = 187.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 187.5 but is less than or equal to 191.25 pounds, then FFBM = 191.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 191.25 but is less than or equal to 195 pounds, then FFBM = 195 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 195 pounds, but is less than or equal to 198.75 pounds, then FFBM = 198.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 198.75 pounds, but is less than or equal to 202.5 pounds, then FFBM = 202.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 202.5 pounds, but is less than or equal to 206.25 pounds, then FFBM = 206.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 206.25 pounds, but is less than or equal to 210 pounds, then FFBM = 210 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 210 pounds, but is less than or equal to 213.75 pounds, then FFBM = 213.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 213.75 pounds, but is less than or equal to 217.5 pounds, then FFBM = 217.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 217.5 pounds, but is less than or equal to 221.25 pounds, then FFBM = 221.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 221.25 pounds, but is less than or equal to 225 pounds, then FFBM = 225 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 225 pounds, but is less than or equal to 228.75 pounds, then FFBM = 228.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 228.75 pounds, but is less than or equal to 232.5 pounds, then FFBM = 232.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 232.5 pounds, but is less than or equal to 236.25 pounds, then FFBM = 236.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 236.25 pounds, but is less than or equal to 240 pounds, then FFBM = 240 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 240 pounds, but is less than or equal to 243.75 pounds, then FFBM = 243.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 243.75 pounds, but is less than or equal to 247.5 pounds, then FFBM = 247.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 247.5 pounds, but is less than or equal to 251.25 pounds, then FFBM = 251.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 251.25 pounds, but is less than or equal to 255 pounds, then FFBM = 255 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 255 pounds, but is less than or equal to 258.75 pounds, then FFBM = 258.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 258.75 pounds, but is less than or equal to 262.5 pounds, then FFBM = 262.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 262.5 pounds, but is less than or equal to 266.25 pounds, then FFBM = 266.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 266.25 pounds, but is less than or equal to 270 pounds, then FFBM = 270 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 270 pounds, but is less than or equal to 273.75 pounds, then FFBM = 273.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 273.75 pounds, but is less than or equal to 277.5 pounds, then FFBM = 277.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 277.5 pounds, but is less than or equal to 281.25 pounds, then FFBM = 281.25 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 281.25 pounds, but is less than or equal to 285 pounds, then FFBM = 285 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 285  pounds, but is less than or equal to 288.75 pounds, then FFBM = 288.75 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 288.75 pounds, but is less than or equal to 292.5 pounds, then FFBM = 292.5 pounds.

If FFBM is greater than 292.5 pounds, but is less than or equal to 296.25 pounds, then FFBM = 296.25 pounds.

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