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See the Travel Diet FREE (See the Table of Contents below).

  I'm Bryan Epis. My girlfriend is Monica Focht. We wrote a diet to use while traveling and a harder pre-travel diet, then a third more detailed diet, a muscle gain plan, a maintenance plan and a supplement usage plan. They're each composed of 60 different plans based on 60 different metabolisms. Your metabolic rate is matched to one of these 60 plans. With all of them, the amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber to eat; the amount of water to drink; the amount of supplements to use; and the amount of calories you burn while exercising are determined by your Body Fat Percentage and therefore Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), NOT Body Mass Index (BMI) like most diets.

I have a BMI of 34 and anything over 30 is considered obese. Do I look obese? That's why diets that use BMI often fail. With many diets,1/3 of the weight you'll lose will be muscle, which slows your metabolism, setting you up for yo-yo dieting. With this diet you won't lose an ounce of muscle. Diets that say you'll lose "9 pounds in 11 days" aren't telling you that it is mostly muscle loss and temporary water loss.

Most diets that don't use BMI tell men to multiply their weight by 11 and women to multiply their weight by 10 to find metabolic rate. This assumes that all men have 17% body fat and all women have 25% body fat! This diet is based on YOUR metabolism telling you when and EXACTLY how much to eat and drink.

Our Diet is free. Some say they're free but when you get to the content they ask for money. We just ask that you consider using when making lodging reservations.

Main Diet-To see Laws #2-13 start at Law #1 (Pre-Travel Diet & Travel Diet are below)
Law #1 - Determine your Fat Free Body Mass (FFBM), by determining your body fat percentage.
Law #2 - Our formula for calculating your basal metabolic rate (BMR); extra tricks to burn more calories.
Law #3 - Choose how fast you want to lose your fat.
Law #4 - Determine how much you can eat.
Law #5 - Count calories.
Law #6 - Eat specific amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fat on specific days.
Law #7 - Get enough sleep; eat whole foods, "good" fats & lean protein; avoid high fructose corn syrup.
Law #8 - Using this trick allows you to lose an additional - pounds more fat per week.
Law #9 - Use the following formula to determine the amount of water to drink each day (based on BMR).
Law #10 - Severely curtail carbohydrate (carb) intake at the following times of the day.
Law #11 - Only consume refined carbs (high on glycemic index) at these times of the day.
Law #12 - Eat 6-8 times per day, every day, and don't ever miss a meal.
Law #13 - Use the following formula to determine the amount of fiber to eat (based on BMR).
Meal Plans - Example "low carb", "low fat", and "cheat day" meal plans.
Law #14 - If you can only exercise 22.5 minutes per day, then concentrate on lifting weights.
Law #15 - Choose exercise amount: 22.5 minutes/day; 45 min./day; 60 min./day; 90 min./day or 105 min./day.
Weightlifting Exercises - 152 weightlifting exercises complete with pictures and videos.
Law #16 - Do cardio efficiently and with variations - skip television.
Law #17 - Tweak the diet and exercise programs as follows when called for.

Diet Supplement Usage Plans - Use the following supplements at these times to achieve the best results.
7-Day Pre-Travel-Party Diet - Prepare for a beach trip/party/photo shoot; use the last 7 days of dieting.
7 Day Travel/Party Diet - 7 Day Dieting Cycle while staying at hotels & inns and dieting before parties.
Calorie/Nutrient Amounts - 6,210 foods. 30 vitamins & minerals; 18 amino acids; isoflavones; phytosterols.
Maintenance Plans - Maintaining your weight to avoid dieting later; Monica's secrets to maintaining her body.
Muscle Gain Plans - Plans to gain muscle fast without gaining much fat at the same time.
Restaurant Calorie & Nutrient Amounts - Nutritional Data for over 75 restaurants with 8,210 data entries.
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