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  I'm Bryan Epis. My girlfriend is Monica Focht. We run the hotel reservation web site with the help of my daughter Ashley, a friend named Octavio Perez, and a programmer in Australia named Eric Cham. My brother, Gary Epis, and his wife Amy Bond, do all the graphic design. They have their own business as well, called Bondepus Graphic Design. I highly recommend them if you want a logo or print advertising done.

I have a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Chico State University in California, and a law degree from Cal Northern School of Law in Chico. I've studied nutrition for 7 years. I first came up with the concept of back on June 22, 1997. At first I was just going to list the Best lodging in California. I later decided to include the whole world. I've stayed at over 1,000 different lodgings in my lifetime, from 0-5 star quality. I decided to rate properties from 0-5 stars in 1/4 star increments as this gives a better indication of the quality, compared to simply rating them 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars. For instance, there are a lot of properties that are a lot better than 3 star properties, yet not as good as a 4 star property. Other guides lump these in with the rest of the 3 star properties.

In 1999, I partnered with to offer instant online secure lodging reservations. In 2007, I wrote a "pre-travel diet" to help people lose weight before a trip, and a "travel diet" to help people lose weight while traveling. Monica added in her secrets. Take a look at her body. She looks that way year-round! I also developed a muscle gain plan and a supplement usage plan. Everything at will always be free to view. We won't be going out of business, at least not until I die!

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