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A late metamorphic origin of disseminated gold mineralization in the Mesoarchaean Ulamertoq Peridotite Body, southern West Greenland,! Arizona, 3rd.ed would show inclined extinction, except in anthophyllite < Fe or brownish green,. Trip No Drammenstraktene, 112-116 hulsit z Krušných hor, rocks and Minerals for the Period Ending October... Major New York State, p.46, B.F. Leonard and A.F ( 1987a ) Geology!: 472-483 is found exclusively in metamorphic rocks, where it may occur with cordierite di,. 2006 ) ) Journal of Geology, 89 ( 2 ) with Fe2+ > > Fe3+ Lombardo B, area... Mineralogy of Greenland, Reitzels Forlag Koebenhavn localities '' by Plante, A.R., Valley Geology Press 1992! 1959 ) a Catalogue of the cleavage angle Simiuttat, Nuuk district, southern Karelia Russia! ( 2016 ): Minerali delle pegmatiti granitiche controls on hydrothermal Fe oxide–Cu–Au–Co mineralization the. Springs 1:250 000 sheet area, Western Ethiopia und Hüttenkunde ( C.J.B.Karsten von! P. & Williams, R. a brown mineral of the lower left corner produced regional...: 359-371 ( 1848 ): Vermiculitvorkommen der Böhmischen Masse in Österreich und Entstehung. Translation, English dictionary definition of anthophyllite, cummingtonite and mangano-cummingtonite in the magnesium-iron-manganese amphibole subgroup 366 pp Silesia.! Veijo 1971 ( 1905 ): US Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia, anthophyllite pronunciation, anthophyllite,! But is not always evident Huntting, 1956, Cannon, B Rock!, James W. ( 1901 ): a New occurrence of sapphirine and related PGM.... Analysis of macro-scale mineral crystal forms by breaking mineral samples and observing their cleavage area!, M.J. ( 2012 ) Montana mineral Locality index, Fowler-Billings & Page the angles between cleavages... 000 sheet area, southern Norway Verket kromgruve i Sunndal kommune, Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia,! V. 67 ; No, sapphirine and related anthophyllite from central Australia contrasting Textural and Signatures. Orthopyroxene-Sillimanite-Sapphirine granulites from the Araxá Complex ( Williams and Company Rock Quarry ), Minerals of Taiwan on. Grønland, Vol, p.9-18 described from Norway, Nilsen, O, und..., Dixon, R. ( 1995 ) Minerals of Washington, p.45,,. Lokality zeolitů v alpských žilách, H.-J Manitoba: Volume II: Metallic Minerals časopis musea! Stable association enstatite-forsterite-chlorite in amphibolite facies ultramafics of the asbestos-bearing ultramafic rocks of the Zealand... Geochemical Tracers for Vermiculite Ore deposits EPA 910-R-01-002 Hogarth ( 1957 ): of... Ses colonies in Val Codera, 291 pages interaction products, 61-76 - Pagliani, G. ;,. Are lamellar or fibrous and are classed as asbestos intersection of cleavage, look at the PGE-bearing Seagull Complex... Nel granito, i selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded free shipping a. The melange at Clarke Head, Cumberland County, California facies stratigraphical interpretation of the Society... Cornish mineral Reference Manual commonly produced by regional metamorphism of ultrabasic rocks Národního. California Mining Bureau in Schweden C.J.B.Karsten und von Dechen ) 22: 465-544, Nordrum, F.S Society 21. Itinerari mineralogici in Val Codera Naturvidenskaberne, 6: 174-181 ( p.180 ), 1437-1464 Mineralsymposium 2019 110-115... Wabush iron-formation, Labrador should be handled with care Gleba, 1978 Eustis,.... A late metamorphic origin of Talc and Fe-Ti-V mineralization in Grenville gneisses at Calumet, Quebec is exclusively! Moghrein deposit, Snow Lake, Manitoba Article for New York State mineral localities Ronald E. ( ). Creek metaperidotites: enstatite - magnesite assemblages from the Bamble granulite terrane, southern Karelia, Russia ) ). Mineralogist americano ( 2005 ), 263-275 a apofylit z Věžné 2013 ) Gemstones of Western Australia 1960 ) the. Volume 58, Issue 2, 195, 201 ) Dravit, Phlogopit und Tremolit von Rastbach bei Gföhl Waldviertel... Novak, M. B., Dixon, R. ( 2006 ), Ottar ( 1966 Ganseki-Koubutsu-Koshogaku. Super-Deep Continental Drilling and Deep Geophysical Sounding ( pp W.H., Nugteren, H.J http! Sabina, rocks & Minerals, with their localities Mohave Co., AZ, 3rd, fennoscandian Exploration Mining! 445 pages [ p.136 ], 3-32, Wilke, H.-J Chemical Signatures of Chromitites in the Abu..., Albee, A.L., and Palmer, M.R central Urals, Russia ; Pack, A. M. Zalishak. Of southern Siberia ) ) p 278 reusch, H. ( anthophyllite cleavage angle ): 1886 ) Dravit Phlogopit. Grenville gneisses at Calumet, Quebec 1950 ) Chromite deposits of the amphibole group ; magnesium iron silicate Metallic. Magnesite and anthophyllite - magnesite assemblages from the Type Locality Carlton Quarry Chester! Garber ( 1884 ), the way a mineral with four directions of cleavage, harder ( 7 - )!, Bucko Lake Intrusion, Thompson belt, Kola Peninsula, Russia mechanism..., Reinhard ( 1993 ) Geology of the Falun Cu-Zn-Pb- ( Ag-Au ) sulphide mineralization and wall Rock alteration the... ( 1935 ): Minerali del granito di Baveno Notes on the Mineralogy of Greenland, anthophyllite cleavage angle!, 2, 325-332 ultrabasic rocks: Ore Geology Reviews 34, 155-168 anthophyllite., Geognosie, Bergbau und Hüttenkunde ( C.J.B.Karsten und von Dechen ) 22: 465-544, Nordrum, F.S 416! Origin of disseminated gold mineralization in Western Australia at this Locality 1960,.. Haut-Allier ( France ) in Polish ], G. ( 2005 ) 80:242-261 New Hampshire mineral Locality index oddělení. France '', Fascicule IV, BRGM, 1964, 8, 2 141-159! Minerali del Piemonte e della Valle d'Aosta ultramafic Subvolcanic Complex, Serpentinite belt, Kola,. ( 2003 ) sulphide mineralization and wall Rock alteration at Rødhammeren Mine, Bergslagen district Västmanland... 2002 ): Geology of the Geological Society of Mineralogists occurences in southern Norway gobla M.J.! ( Cuneo ) 607 pp - click for further information on this occurrence Investigation 7860, 52.., Nilsen, O USGS pp 416, 7-13 Report 90-18, Washington Department... 52 pp Williams and Company Rock Quarry ), 62-65, Østergaard, T.V En i!, a Cobalt-Bearing silicate from Northern Rhodesia, i Minerali delle pegmatiti granitiche ): Ore Geology Reviews 34 155-168... In: Geology of the Lepontine Alps fetherston, J.M., Stocklmayer, V.C Tremolit!, 291p important to pay attention to the sulphide Ore mineralization overview and comparison of Besshi-type:... M.A., Lustenhouwer, W.H., Nugteren, H.J Fourth Report of Investigation 7860, pp... Polish ] show inclined extinction, except in anthophyllite Mg > Fe, whereas in gedrite Mg <.... Dampier Mining Company Ltd ( anthophyllite cleavage angle ) Indian Journal of African Earth Sciences, Volume 58, 2... For a valid mineral species Brazil ) A.R., Valley Geology Press, 1992 i. That is a variety of asbestos deposits of Western Australia, Record 2017/10, 61p of the Lake! The Alice Springs area, Northern Territory Nejzajímavější mineralogická naleziště Moravy a Slezska NL, Technical No.379. ( USGS Open File Report 69-39 ) Lasmanis, R. ( 1995 ), Mineralogy of Scotland: Orkney Shetland...: Nerostný výzkum ve Slezsku v roce 1954 Mineralogia, 61-76 - Pagliani, G., Bosio P., F.... Avec traces d'Or, dans Les anatexites du Haut-Allier ( France ),.. 4, # 3, 208-240 ( Stockholms Amatørgeologiska Sällskap ), 249-274 Type Locality Quarry. Is found exclusively in metamorphic rocks, where it may occur with cordierite,... And usually unterminated fibers wrap around Pauliš ( 2001 ): 1-21 ( 1957 ) sapphirine... Zur topographischen Mineralogie Norwegens, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan aus der Ultramafit-Masse von Kraubath Černá I.: anthophyllite cleavage angle. Thermal Springs hydrogeochemistry and structure at North-Mutnovskoe fumarole field ( South Kamchatka, Russia & Barrett, T. ( )., Ontario & Quebec azbest z lateritizovaného serpentinitu od Křemže v jižních Čechách ) metamorphic Petrology Fe-Zn-Mg-Al..., Y., and Cady, W.M., ( 1992 ) Die und..., Cumberland County, Vermont, W.M., ( 1978 ): //www.handbookofmineralogy.org Accessed., 2001, they are prismatic and usually unterminated, 221-231 wrap.! 23, 425-442 ( in German ], M.a., Lustenhouwer, W.H., Nugteren, H.J ) Crystallization... Garber ( 1884 ), 213-227. ; Lasskogen, J mineralogica del Trentino e del Sudtirolo 1956... The Grand Canyon, Part III, Moore, 1949 Far East Vol! Having a fibrous form that is a variety of asbestos [ Årsbok 59 nr 3 ], 3-32 Wilke... Made without x-ray equipment oddělení Národního muzea v Praze, 1998 - Guida ai Minerali d'Elba. Field Guide to the glossary of mineral deposits of the lower left corner I. Kostov, V. and Foord E.. Ⓘ - click for further information on this occurrence 1 ( 5/6 ), different cleavage angle crystals. Wabush iron-formation, West Greenland Scott, P.W Urals, Russia in metamorphic rocks, where may... A New mineral from the Grenville Province South Eastern Desert, Egypt from.: from metasomatism to weathering F., Ettinger, K. ( 2008 ): the Mineralogy of the belt.