SAMPLE MCQ-Cloud Computing (TYBSC-CS) ----- 1. a. Amplitude modulation b. Grid Computing: Grid Computing can be defined as a network of homogenous or heterogenous computers working together over a long distance to perform a task that would rather be difficult for a single machine. Frequency modulation c. … • It allows us to solve massive computational problems by using large numbers of heterogeneous computers (and other related resources), located in different places belonging to different users, over a network(s). So, are you ready for Cloud Computing MCQ? Difference between Cluster and Grid Computing: Cluster Computing Grid Computing is a way to deal with the massive demands placed on global computer networks of today. Refer to our Cloud Computing Tutorial. a) A cloud computing environment can be deployed in a cluster computing environment. a) Scalable b) uses unused computing power c) provide standard and high cpu d) multi -tenancy Solution 1 c 9 a 17 b 25 a 2 b 10 a 18 b 26 c 3 c 11 b 19 a 27 a 4 d 12 d 20 b 28 c 5 d 13 b 21 b 29 c 6 a 14 d 22 a 30 b 7 a 15 a 23 a 31 d Hope you scored well in our part -1 of the Cloud Computing MCQ. Cloud Computing MCQ is designed for you, give it a try. Which statement is true about cloud computing and cluster computing? Grid Computing 3. Parallel and Distributed Computing MCQs – Questions Answers Test" is the set of important MCQs. Decentralized computing B. 2/12/08 HPC II Spring 2008 4 Scientific Users of the Grid Scientists and engineers may need the Grid for… Data intensive applications Collider experiments in particle physics produce petabytes per year Astronomy digital sky surveys, e.g. Distributed/Grid Computing. 1) The modulation technique used for mobile communication systems during world war II was. Cloud Computing MCQ. • It could be used to … Grid Computing: Definition, Components & Examples External and Internal Storage Devices: Optical, Magnetic & Semiconductor Storage 6:52 Go to Information Systems Hardware Q32 . Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Mobile Communication. 1. the virtual observatory project Example data grids: NSF GriPhyN, DOE PPDG, EU DataGrid Imaging Managing collections of medical images: MRI, CT scans, X-rays Here, we come up with a new set of questions, which gauge how much you know about Cloud Computing. Optional: Add an Identifier to your question Enter the Question Title Optional: Add a Description Add your Choices NOTE: You can add the Columns individually by clicking Add or by clicking the Bulk button. 1: Computer system of a parallel computer is capable of A. Which is not an advantage of Grid? I have a grid connected 5KW system with 16 panels, with individual panel rating ranging from 36-40 V at 8 A connectedin series give approximately 500-600 V … Multiple Choice Questions and Answers By Sasmita January 9, 2020. Within your form, click on the Questions tab in the top left corner; Under Advanced Questions, double-click or click and drag the Multiple Choice Grid question to add it to your form.