For example, when drummer Russ Kunkel plays some tom-tom fills during Carole King’s “Home Again” on Tapestry, the drum-skin detail and tuning, and the resonant decay, reveal themselves in full bloom, images locked into position without a hint of the S/5 in the sonic picture. Here at HCC we rather liked REL’s Serie S subwoofers, even if it has involved repeatedly telling sub-editors that there isn’t an ‘s’ on the end of Serie.When the company announced a Super High Output overhaul of the S/5 and S/3 models we had questions. I purchased a pair of these to go with a pair of monitor Audio gold 300 series 5 speakers. S/5 SHO uses a special carbon/carbon passive that is stiff, lightweight and incredibly well-behaved. available only at authorized retailers. REL S5 độc cô cầu bại trong thế giới subwoofer. First Listen: Goldmund PH3.8 NEXTGEN Phonostage, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019: Loudspeakers, 2019 Editors’ Choice Awards: Loudspeakers $1,500 - $3,000, 2019 Editors’ Choice Awards: Turntables $400-$4,000, 2019 Editors' Choice Awards: Loudspeakers $100,000 and up, 2018 Editors' Choice Awards: Disc Players $2,000 - $10,000. Read More +, "Thankfully for bass fans everywhere, nothing has changed in its latest venture, the S/5, which may be the best-performing midpriced sub REL has offered in its vaunted history. Features high quality long throw drivers and powerful, reliable amplifiers. Then you understand what authentic low bass brings to the party. I've been a fan of the Neutrik connector since the B-2, but the S-5 adds separate volume controls for x.1 input as well as the Neutrik connection. Specify the S/5 SHO, singly or in pairs, when your system is of exceptionally high quality, and your speakers and room can support high levels of dynamics and bass extension. S/5 SHO (Super High Output) exceeds the mandate for mid-level models and crosses this model into near reference quality. In the interest of product development, REL Acoustics Limited reserve the right to vary these specifications without notice. Realme 5s Android smartphone. If you are a person seeking to get the most out of 2 channel music and these fit your budget you cannot go wrong. It’s its clarity and focus that really impress. Realme 5s features a 6.5-inch HD+ (720 x 1600 pixels) display with 89 percent screen-to … SPECS & PRICING. I don’t know what sort of deep-rooted, sub-bass trauma they were exposed to in their earliest high-end years, but I’m here to tell you that the only drama I experienced during my time with the REL S/5 was the emotion that its evenly weighted balance and full-range musicality brought to the fore. housed in a moderately sized chassis. It features our third-generation carbon fibre 12” driver with a new, bespoke CSP passive driver that delivers 50% longer stroke, powered by our 1,000 watt amplifier, itself guided by our CS PerfectFilter™. Loa Sub Rel S5 được mệnh danh là vua sub nghe nhạc. REL S/5 uses a simple filter-type that is very fast--about 8 milliseconds in group delay--to cross out unwanted higher frequencies to the driver. Official online store. So, put on your favorite album, mix yourself a drink and kick back, you might be here awhile. On an S/5 SHO, think of it as a sliding ratio design wherein the S/5 SHO begins as an ultra-fast 12” sealed box design and, as more power and deeper bass is demanded, the S/5 SHO gradually morphs into the power and output of a 15” design. Super quick, powerful bass. Medium to grand rooms are more than appropriate as scale is very large, speed is exceptional, and attack and slam is visceral. I have owned other subs from some well know speaker suppliers and never thought they were as well suited for music as they were for home theater. In the Serie S, driver and amplifier engineering have created a new benchmark.” With the S5, the dynamics likewise force you to become totally involved with the music… there’s not a single one of your senses that is not totally engaged with whatever is playing" Read More +, "The S/5 SHO is a bigger sub than the S/3 in every respect, sounding heftier, bolder and more fulsome. R-528-Specs.pdf. These exist to degrees that can overpower most medium-sized rooms. This speed and our carefully sorted filters allow for seamless blending of RELs with the main speakers. This speed and carefully sorted filters allow for seamless blending of RELs with the main speakers. 500 KB Download. The S4 was originally released with Android 4.2.2 and Samsung's TouchWiz Nature UX 2 interface.. Interaction. It's seamless. The B’rel class, first developed in 2270, is the second known Bird-of-Prey operated by the Klingon Empire, it builds directly on the successful design on the earlier birds-of-prey but includes ideas and technology taken from Romulan designs obtained in the short lived Klingon-Romulan alliance of the 23rd century, most notably a cloaking device (ST reference: Starship Spotter) The B'rel class not only remained in service well into the 24t… Sats with a sucked-out lower midrange and upper bass will sound a little bass-light and dynamically lean. The need to blend in seamlessly with home theater is not that critical but for music it is. Yes, he replied, we have the "poor man's six-pack," the REL Acoustics 212SE. If your answer to that question is an unqualified yes, then consider yourself warned: Don’t even think of plugging in the S/5 if you ever expect to use that outlet again. REL ACOUSTICS NORTH AMERICA 800 Addison St. … PS5 Specs Confirmed. This sub will just disappear. News Nation brings to you the comparison between Realme 5s, Infinix S5, and Samsung Galaxy A10s on the basis of specifications, features, and price. Official store. REL S5/SHO 12" Subwoofer. Its NextGen2 550W digital amplifier makes large scale, high-end 2-channel systems and grand theaters a perfect pairing. Moving the S5 closer to a wall would increase the level of low frequencies and improve l.f. extension even more.) You hear the whole base line with a lot of subtle bass runs you can’t hear without this sort of equipment. 100 KB Download. Large in sonic scale, the T/9i subwoofer is ideal for mating up with floor standing speakers and rooms that are on the medium-to-large size. 50 KB Download. Developed by our engineers specifically for use with REL subwoofers to maximize the information available in the high-level connection. An exceptional performer in any class. Suggest using the high output connection. Free shipping on all orders. This is a wonderfully musical sub. The result is stunning, for the eyes and the ears. I run a pair of Primaluna EVO 400 amps, EVO 400 preamp with an EAT C Sharpe turntable, + EGlos Preamp from EAT plus a pair of Klipsch RF-7III speakers. The hall sound becomes a more active player in the performance when the S/5 is in the system. Before we dive into our in-depth look at potential PS5 specs, lets start with a breakdown of the final specs, compared to PS4. By reducing moving mass, with a balanced approach to design, our engineering team was able to produce far more speed than prior designs. The S/5 goes about its tasks so matter-of-factly, effortlessly, and invisibly that it seems to become another attractive fixture in the room—until you pull it from the system. Longbow Wireless compatible, Front-firing 10" long-throw Continuous CastAlloy cone structure, 12" Down-firing Carbon fibre Passive driver, 400 watt Gen2 Class D amplifier with High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level stereo RCA, and .1/LFE RCA inputs, -6dB @ 21Hz in … Beyond proprietary drivers, the performance of a REL is determined by unique input filters and amplifiers. Of equal importance is the ambient information that the REL reproduces. Articles is our blog where we share insights, information and opinions on subwoofers, hi-fi systems and the joy of sound. Type: Front-firing subwoofer, with downward-firing passive radiatorDrivers: 12" woofer, 12" passiveFrequency response: 21Hz -6dBPower: 550WDimensions: 17.5" x 18" x 20"Weight: 70 lbs.Price: $2500, REL ACOUSTICS NORTH AMERICA800 Addison St.Berkeley, CA 94710(510) I thought I had a good system before with old Velodyne Optimus 12 sub’s. And when the organist abruptly stops and the instrument goes silent, there is a sense of air rapidly escaping from the venue, like a balloon suddenly deflating. Inside the S/5 is a new forward-firing 12" alloy-cone woofer. These subs have brought my system to a whole new level and are easy to adjust to get them to disappear and seem to be part of the main speakers. No. REL_Serie_R_Manual.pdf. Announced Nov 2019. T-7-Specs.pdf. The Galaxy S4 is known for introducing a range of new extended interaction features to the Samsung Galaxy S series.. Head tracking features have been extended on the S4, summarized as "Samsung SmartScreen".The new "Smart Scroll" feature can be used to scroll while looking at the … T-5-Specs.pdf. Yet the S/5 SHO proved a challenge in my room compared to its baby brother, sounding powerful but rather portly irrespective of where I placed it. In fact, when tuned correctly, you don't know that a subwoofer (or a pair of them in this case) is in place. You can hear the air filling with sound around the musicians and chorus, and then hear this ambience even more clearly when the organist hits the lowest pedal points. Mine is 14 x 21 and they are great. Because the total 6-pack sets one back $24,000, I asked REL Acoustics' David Schultz if there might be a "Six-Pack light" version. For example, without the opening 30Hz organ pedal point that introduces Strauss’ Thus Sprach Zarathustra, or the deeply ominous synth note that kicks off Dire Straits’ epic “Telegraph Road,” listening to these pieces would be like listening to a Shakespearean sonnet with the opening quatrain lopped off. I've owned many subs (including my last one-a REL B-2), and this one is a wonderful value. Carbon Ltd. Is a special offering that provides a unique blend of our Reference carbon fibre 12” driver and our finest passive driver from the 212/SE, all packed into the proven S/5 chassis, which is then fitted with triple chrome plated hardware. Have more questions? That's down the road. I was wrong, and had no idea how much I was missing out on. Its NextGen2 550W digital amplifier makes large scale, high-end 2-channel systems and grand theaters a perfect pairing. R-328-Specs.pdf. Copyright © 2020 The Absolute Sound. T/9i, T/7i, T/5i Not even close. I have a pair of S/5 SHO. S/5 SHO uses a simple filter-type that is very fast—about 8 milliseconds in group delay– to cross out unwanted higher frequencies to our driver. A couple of tips to keep in mind: Subs do not operate in isolation. Front-firing active driver, down-firing passive, 12 in., 300mm long-throw, Continuous CastAlloy™ cone structure, cast chassis, 12 in., 300mm Carbon/Carbon flat cone structure, steel chassis, High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level stereo RCA, LFE RCA, SMA for wireless antenna, Longbow (Optional), Zero Compression, Individual discrete D/A and A/D Encoders, 220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets, 5 Amp 220 volts operation, 9 Amp 120 volts operation, 17.5 x 18 x 20 in. On the tight, crisp bass intro to Holly Cole’s cover of “I Can See Clearly” from Temptation, the REL captures the optimistic bounce and jauntiness of the instrument—character that’s pivotal to the upbeat emotion of the song. (444.5 x 455.5 x 507 mm), Piano Black Lacquer, White Lacquer, 8 coats. S/3 SHO subwoofer is a slightly smaller version of our award-winning S/5 SHO. Now I do, and I can't convey enough how impressed I am and how much they added to my system and my enjoyment of music from it. Sign up and stay connected for exclusive deals. REL_Serie_R_Brochure.pdf. REL subs in the last 20 years. REL has offered superb build-quality and high standards of bass reproduction since the company was founded in 1990. REL_Serie_T_Brochure.pdf. 50 KB Download. Discover the optimum subwoofer placement for your system. The resulting improved soundstage is the first difference I noticed, as well as the more articulated mid and highs. You can see that with the crossover set to 120Hz, the output of the REL S5 is at its maximum at 60Hz and very flat between 40Hz and 100Hz (very, very flat… it’s actually 40Hz–80Hz±1dB). In both subtle and not so subtle ways the REL S/5 completed every speaker system it partnered with. Highly recommended! Underneath, floor-firing, is a thin 12in disc of high-tech carbon fibre, also on a roll suspension. R-528-Special-Edition-Specs.pdf. The polished aluminum trim pieces—such as the footers—elegantly accent its dark good looks. Read More +. The easy-to-use, zero-compression, embedded wireless system for No.25, Serie S and Habitat1 that frees you from conventional cables. SPECIFICATIONS The system’s architect, Mark Cerny, revealed official details in March 2020. I’m not sure I could detect any real difference in its lowest frequency response, but the S/5 certainly made its LF presence felt more in your chest. Our approach to passive design results in performance more akin to a variable ratio driver size. S/5 SHO’s 12” Continuous CastTM Alloy Cone Driver and carbon passive radiator produces exceptionally low bass with tremendous impact and speed. This design has powered thousands of RELs and has proven exceptionally reliable and very fast with deep, extended lows—it provides a perfect mate to our new driver. The 12in long-excursion front driver has a large surround and 550W of Class D amp to drive it. Realme 5s. 500 KB Download. Now with the BK that I own and the Velodyne, the sub volume is set at 1/3rd of max to get good performance. SHO refers to Super High Output, made possible by a new 3-stage limiter our engineers created after extensive testing revealed that much higher output, higher gain and higher performance could be unlocked. Following in the footsteps of the Arrow™ and Longbow™, HT-Air™ delivers premium Home Theater sound removing long lengths of costly, cluttered cables. Also, with smaller compact monitors, care should be exercised in gain-matching the more dynamically limited satellite with the much higher dynamic limits of the sub. I purchased them about 3 months ago so plenty of time to form an opinion. All rights reserved. Follow. As a long-time audiophile, I had been of the opinion that subs were not meant for, nor were they capable of improving in any way, a high quality 2 channel audio set up. The S5 SHO's scale is very large, speed is exceptional, and attack and slam are visceral; the S5 SHO is the perfect complement for medium to large sized rooms. This was also true of the kickdrum positioned centerstage during Holly Cole’s “Take Me Home.” The weight of the impact didn’t pull towards the corner position where the S/5 was sitting—it remained focused dead center within the soundspace. For me, this is where the believability factor kicks in. Easy installation and set up. REL S/5 uses a simple filter-type that is very fast--about 8 milliseconds in group delay--to cross out unwanted higher frequencies to the driver.