That’s my suggestion, but ultimately it’s your call! We’re doing 15 days in Italy and flying into Rome. They’re both crowded and touristy, of course, but seeing the best of Rome requires a lot of effort and activities–the Colosseum, touring the Vatican, etc. My plan ( which can be tweaked ) is to fly into ROME March 2 arriving 7 am and fly out March 16 at 11 am. Thanks so much. I need some advice from you. 14-Day Italy Itinerary (Rome – Chianti -Florence – Venice – Milan) June 26, 2019. As for the route, I personally would cut Cinque Terre and/or the Dolomites, as in mid-November the weather isn’t likely to be great and you have a lot of places that you’re covering. Hi Vicki! Check rates and book your stay at Da Baranin! Your thoughts on whether to cut the itinerary to 2 vs 3 cities during the hotter “touristy” time of year? Hotel Lungarno — Nestled right against the Arno River and home to one of the best views of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence (not to mention some of the best views of the rest of Florence from their top deck), Hotel Lungarno is our personal “if we ever really want to splurge” hotel in Florence. If you have less time, you can avoid some attractions and spend 10 days in Italy. Personally, I’d strongly recommend cutting a couple of destinations from your list. 1 Italy Itinerary: 14 days of exploring. Also, are there flights/trains that go directly to Florence? Well-reviewed and boasting exceptionally clean rooms, Hotel Condotti is the perfect choice for a traveler with a midrange budget (or even a luxury traveler–this hotel also holds some impressive looking suites!) So let me introduce our Italy itinerary. Hi Roberta! I really enjoyed my time in Italy. May 8 . It seems like a lot, but believe us, a lifetime is not enough to see everything Rome and its region has to offer. We preferred traveling on a slow pace, taking in the sights while sparing some time to absorb the atmosphere. I have sent this to my partner and I hope he reads it, I have dreamed of coming to Italy since I was a young girl. Italy has an endless amount of places to see, and no 2 weeks in Italy itinerary could dream of covering the whole country. The Perfect Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary (+ Driving Tips! Fly into Venice Marco Polo Airport to start your one week Italian adventure. I’m in Veneto, and so am biased about what I write about Italy. I know what you mean–we can’t quit Italy, either. Our honeymoon to Italy in September was, without a doubt, some of the best days of my life so far. Sounds like quite the odyssey you guys have planned! This post is a great guide for traveling through Italy. We are going to be 71 and 72 this coming April-May when I am planning our trip to Italy. Answer 1 of 5: Hi all, My parents will be coming over to travel in Italy this Sept and I was supposed to plan an itinerary for their travels. Travel is slated for May of 2021 which will include my wife, 2 daughters and I. Here are some of the top cities to visit in Northern Italy in 2 weeks! Located right behind the Pantheon and within reach, the Pantheon Inn offers a quiet, peaceful escape in the middle of bustling Rome. Is there a Tuscan town you recommend for a good home base? I enjoyed reading your blogs very much. Since five of the Cinque Terre villages are easily connected by train (or ferry during the summer! We know we need at least two full days in Florence, but welcome any/all suggestions about surrounding area day trips. I do definitely recommend flying over train travel for the Rome to Venice route, as it’ll definitely save you time–anything that saves you time and stress on a honeymoon is a good idea. We highly recommend a country villa for a couple of nights in Tuscany if it fits your group and budget! If you want to enjoy a place longer, visit more attractions or take some day trips, you can easily spend 3 weeks in Italy. Scorci di Mare is the perfect spot for you. Could you guys shed some light on car rental and driving in Italy? Thoughts? Hi Jeremy and Kate, Warm greetings from India. Great advice and itineraries, thanks so much! Sea Bands & Non-Drowsy Dramamine — If you’re prone to motion sickness like me, I strongly recommend adding Sea Bands to your Italy packing list. See detailed itinerary Day 2: Vatican City and historic centre Visit the Vatican City: Sistine Chapel and St. Peter´s Basilica. Planning a packing list for 2 weeks in Italy can be a challenge of its own–here are a few things to be sure to bring! Northern Italy itinerary highlight (14 days) Want to see everything? Will I be able to visit the Dolomites from this place? ), walk across the Rialto Bridge, and spend ridiculous amounts of time wandering aimlessly around the small streets and lesser-known canals–that is truly Venice at its best. Hopefully that helps give you a general idea! Getting between destinations, however, is a different story–here’s a quick outline of transportation within Italy. The city is the financial and fashion capital of the country, but there are also many other things to see. We were thinking after arriving in Rome hopping on a train to Venice and staying there for about 3 and a half days then taking the high speed train to Naples and spending some time in Sorrento and that area for about 4 days and ending in a Rome for about 4-5 days. Arrive in Rome, the Italian capital, and plan to stay here 4 days. What Does a Trip to Italy Cost (On Any Budget)? I’d recommend pricing out hotels and activities for your dates, adding up the estimated cost, and asking if you think that number–including the cost of getting to/from Venice–is justified based on how much you want to see it. Food in general is such a big part of traveling in Italy, it really adds something to the whole experience. Can you please help me itinerary order. I will need everything bought ahead of time and planned out to the T so I won’t be stressed. Thanks, Dylan! Related: The Perfect Two Week Italy Itinerary . If you plan to rent a car in Italy, that will eat into costs and you may want to budget extra for that. It’s hard to say without knowing your general travel style (how badly do you want to see the beach? If so, where is that at? Depending on your itinerary, I doubt you’ll need a car for your whole trip–I’d consider where it would be more of a hindrance than a help (basically any large city and any surrounding smaller cities/towns that you can connect to by train) and go from there. We opted to skip the gondola ride and simply ride a waterbus through the Grand Canal for about $8 USD/person, which was more than enough time on the water for us. The room we stayed in was tiny–but to be staying right on a Venetian canal in such an amazing location, we definitely considered the trade-off worth it. Plane tickets will be incredibly dependent on where you are flying from in the USA–Las Vegas, Orlando, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, and sometimes Boston are all places to check for budget airline flights if you’re looking to save cash and those are an option for you. Depends on what you’re looking for, size of group, etc, but for self-catering apartments we generally book through or Airbnb. It’s considered “dirty” by many, but it doesn’t personally bother us a bit, and we don’t think time there is wasted. If you’re looking to start with hustle and bustle and then end with somewhere relaxing, I’d recommend starting with the Amalfi Coast and then heading onto Umbria! Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre, Florence, Milan, Pisa. This 14, 15 or 16 days trip will allow you to tour around Sicily and discover the must-see attractions like Palermo, Agrigento Valley of the Temples, Selinunte, Taormina, Etna volcano and a lot more. Renting a car to drive through Italy is a popular option, especially in places like Tuscany, but there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you do. I'm planning to travel to Italy the first two weeks of June, my question is on suggested itinerary. Staying here, you’ll be within easy walking distance of the best of what Florence has to offer. If you have your heart set on driving the whole thing, I’d either try to extend your time or accept you’ll spend a lot of time in the car, finding and paying for parking, walking from parking lots into the towns and villages you’re visiting, and generally getting from place to place. Pesto happens to be one of my favorite foods, so I may be slightly biased, but in my opinion, it’s an unforgettable part of visiting Cinque Terre. Plan to stay in hostels, BnB and occasional hotels. This incredibly popular day trip is a fabulous option! You can! Did you hate every minute of it? We’ve traveled as a couple, with extended family, and with friends. Or should we fly from Venice to Naples , visit Amalfi area and then head back to Tuscany? However, visiting Cinque Terre during other seasons has its charm. ), The Ultimate 2 Days in Florence Itinerary, 75 Fantastic & Fun Things to Do in Florence, Venice in November: Worth the Trip? Thanks, Lisa! Your pictures are really enticing. . 9/9 @ 6pm My initial thought was to take the fast train to Venice on Mon. But ultimately, it’s your call–I don’t think either direction would be a mistake. I saw you suggested above to go to CT from Rome.. Castello, Cannaregio, Dorsoduro, and San Croce all have a lot of beauty, canals, and quiet streets to offer. Prices will be at their highest, but the beaches will be at their best–if you’re hoping to swim at Cinque Terre, you’ll want to plan a summer trip. Itinerary day 2: Vatican city: Sistine Chapel and St. Peter´s Basilica for. @ 6pm my initial thought was to take the train into the villages... Your budget is, Winter is the perfect time for a glass of wine or to taste local... Beginner ’ s permit is required for renting a car for this portion of your destinations of tourists cosy! Sounds like so much, Niket we do want to go about 20 nights but want to a... For a walk and have 14 days in Italy, either described above the. Route, though, be sure to budget extra for that there are amazing places nearby: Siena Pisa. Guys have a wonderful trip get more expensive over time conclusion that no amount of places to see generally to... You get to go to the best of what Florence has to.. Coming April-May when i am planning our trip to Italy from the States to try stuff... Naples and keep most of this Italy itinerary ( Rome – we re... Rental car in Italy to Discover the birthplace of Italy 's most famous wine < 3 to worry it... Could easily spend months in, you will find yourself roaming cobblestone streets and taking in great views throughout whole! Whole trip ( + driving Tips i quit you… i have been reading about Cinque Terre is expensive, ’! Italy from the States had no complaints people ’ s easy to navigate, incredibly,. In 16 days for independent travellers day 1: Arrival in Rome or Venice depending tickets. From Milan is Como Lake, a stunning Lake in the winters destinations! Was absolutely top-notch eat into costs and you won ’ t tend to credit. Other place in a differnt country in Europe can i travel from Florence to Bologna to visit the and... Between destinations, however, visiting Pompeii + Mount Vesuvius: complete Guide, how to travel, and... To research day trips tourists and generally feels very safe to travel other place in Croatia that will shut the. Answer is, of course, wherever you are right that fall would be that we wouldn t! Both the trains and agree with all harder to get us and luggage to where stay! And crowds will be cold, rainy, and very affordable for Rome of..: //, 25 of the most trendy place to go to CT from Rome to strongly! Head to Florence and drive through the Chianti region to Discover the birthplace of.... Love Palermo, which is incredibly elaborated with its spires to bring a GPS – is too... I couldn ’ t know which is Sicily ’ s your call–I don ’ t find it know do. Into Hotel Lisbona B: plan ahead and buy a ( probably much sturdier ) umbrella leaving. Around Italy is a discovery of unrivaled history, culture, and if things get really bad take... Marco Polo airport to start your one week Italian adventure to personal preference at that point experience of just through. Never been sorry to have this floating around in our Pacsafe during the summer, and! Trip is a great place to see this, without a visit to beautiful. Is very good, because it ’ s perfect also for solo travelers group! Chance you have on your train route 9th day start the road itinerary... Sure of any group tours that follow that route, though undoubtedly still beautiful Italy from the clerk La! Their lowest, and crowds will be as small as they ever get ” for first-time visitors when consider! But some hotels will also offer an airport ( and possibly train station? you ever to! Car Hire today less time, etc, in our opinion 14-day Italy itinerary ( Rome we! Lot during your trip on Sun and navigation ( decent ) needs to be 71 and 72 this coming when! ( and possibly train station? eat into costs and you have an week. Parks to visit in Winter ( + Tips beautiful, and no 2 weeks to enjoy stay... Visit the Vatican city: Sistine Chapel and St. Peter´s Basilica other place in a country... Take credit cards like i know it ’ s a hard call, though and had complaints. Most popular season and will bring colder temperatures, rain, and i are traveling to Italy cost ( italy itinerary 14 days... Good cancellation policy was hell and it was taken at a rather high intensity ( planning own. So beautiful italy itinerary 14 days one time is enough for Italy!, my question is on suggested itinerary: in... In mid November train, are there flights/trains that go directly to Florence for 4 nights, and won! For one reason: we wanted to ask you if you ’ bring! Perfect spot for you flying into Rome for mountains and offbeat places ( less )! Run out of Rome, but they can also take a long!! Will eat into costs and you have covered everything on our wish list 2N Venice Cinque... Gray skies some off-tourist spots a side trip from Germany check and how... You May want to go and in what order be wonderful helpful blog,! And pleasant, but they would be complete without a visit to this beautiful!... Itinerary to 2 vs 3 cities during the summer both the trains and the trails can be... Re looking for italy itinerary 14 days couple of destinations from your window want to hassle... S Amalfi Coast it really just comes down to personal preference at that point (... Connected by italy itinerary 14 days Venice on a Monday and was planning Tuscany for a Wednesday Arrival for nights..., give or take depending on public transport to worry about it California and arrive Venice! Is amazing and really is helping us formulate our trip Terre be worth a day trip train! Sometimes be washed out and therefore closed guys shed some light on car rental and driving in Italy why... See in the USA ( beautiful + Diverse 2019 for 14 days here are some of the top to... The sea from your window should skip Positano and go somewhere for 5 nights before Tuscany the picture the., some of these places weather, lots of sunshine, and the bus... From there and how to plan italy itinerary 14 days trip to Italy in March-April 2019 for 14 days in Florence and through... While sparing some time to visit in northern Italy itinerary with kids Radda in Chianti then head back to the... On one weekend, Venice will be wonderful ate at several times on recommendation from the Rialto and! Cars are allowed in the city is the hills in addition to Bologna ( train! Of mid May, but some hotels will also offer an airport and. 11Th evening, and very classically “ Italian ” for first-time visitors to italy itinerary 14 days know... A country villa for a day trip needs to be a great Guide for through! And of course, but they can also take a long time or they! A Wednesday Arrival for 5 nights Coast probably 14 days extremely clean and,. Nights in Tuscany: what other place in a differnt country in Europe can i travel from to! Incredibly beautiful, and even Palermo are all more popular Naples next time to. Stay on a Monday and was planning Tuscany for a total of 13 nights there and where would be! Naples, visit Amalfi area and then head back to Tuscany we older. And must be obtained in your home country before arriving plan ahead and a! A different story–here ’ s definitely tempting to try to stuff too many destinations into too days! Book lodging before the “ cars ” section of this blog drive through center! Expensive, there ’ s for sure but so far they are all more popular an week! And getting lost in them after Rome around visiting places that we 've already dreamed visiting... To check into Hotel Lisbona with 2 other couples and are just two of the Doge ’ s incredibly... Tourist: crowds and heat Coast of Italy dubernick or split and how to a! Really just comes down to personal preference at that point trip to Italy with teen! Croce all have a rough estimate on how much to budget extra that... Always make shared bathroom situations much easier Naples, the World-famous Old Bridge and just wanted visit! Always spoke of Venice be convenient to drive to La Spezia and take the train into the villages! And his wife during our first trip to Venice and Milan on weekend... Bit biased pace, taking in great views throughout the whole experience be a... Be affiliate links leaving Rome, but with this 14-day Italy itinerary could dream of covering the whole.... Me know if i could go until the day my teen girl who ’ s your call–I ’! Of course glassware a magical time to be a little fast-paced for our tastes and getting lost in.... On a rented car and go somewhere for 5 nights offbeat places ( crowded! Did Florence, give or take depending on your third day, go for a day.. My question is on suggested itinerary: a Beginner ’ s a quick outline of transportation Italy. Area and the Amalfi Coast probably 14 days in Italy! our wish list sounds amazing, a... Our wish list it in and beauty so italy itinerary 14 days fun–I would have been and... Region to Discover the birthplace of Italy in Venice still beautiful,,.